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We believe that making a real impact starts with having the right tools. During the SDG Immersion Day, we take teams through the essential frameworks for sustainability and social impact, and co-create solutions that can be directly implemented by your company. We kick off with a vital question: is our business making the world a better place? Don’t worry about the answer for now, because we’ll give you everything you need to start using your business as a force for good.


Details of the day:

Our 1-day program takes your team through the ABCs of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other essential impact frameworks, as a basis for co-creating innovative and concrete solutions to reach your company's sustainability ambitions. 

In short:

  • One day jam-packed with learning and doing.

  • Morning: introduction to the essential sustainability frameworks & SDGs. 

  • Afternoon: co-creating concrete solutions based on your company's ambitions.

  • Activate the whole team: from ambitious young professionals to seasoned board members.

What do we cover?

There are many frameworks for sustainable business. By now, most of us have heard of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. They always sound as ambitious as they sound utopic. So how do we turn these faraway goals into changes we can enact today? We help people rethink the fundamentals of your business and give them the knowledge and tools start making changes in their work.

  • Key paradigm shifts in business

  • Learning about the essential impact frameworks

  • Deep dive into the sustainable development goals

  • Discussing your company's sustainability strategy

  • Co-creating concrete solutions and ideas based on your ambitions

Who is it for?

Real change can come from anyone. Our SDG Immersion Day is for businesses from every industry and people from every layer in the company. We provide your team with inspiration and empowerment to make a difference within their job. This can be the foundation to build your new business on, it can be the means to convince your higher-ups to start changing things, or the handhold people need to start shaking things up after years of doing the same thing.

What do we deliver?

  • Understanding of key sustainability principles and frameworks.

  • Empowerment of team members to agents of change within their field of expertise. 

  • Co-creation of new solutions in multidisciplinary teams. 

  • Involvement and activation of your organisation's impact ambitions. 


Estimated €500 per person, based on 20 participants.

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Curious to learn more? Get in touch for more information and to discuss preferences for your organisation. 

We'll get in touch soon!

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